Tuesday, February 12, 2013

jazzin' it up.

One of the perks of the hubs' job is that we often get to go to Jazz games and sit in killer seats.  February 1 was one of those such days.  The hubs, myself, and my in-laws took our seats completely ignorant of what was in store for us as the Jazz started to play Damion Lillard and the Trailblazers.  At the end of the game, the hubs (along with all the employees from GWCU and a guest) went down on the court for a shooting challenge.

The challenge went as follows:

Round One: Make a free throw.  If you make the free throw you a) get your name put in a drawing for an autographed Jazz basketball signed by the whole team and b) get to move on to round two.
Round Two: Make a three-pointer.  If you make this shot you a) receive $35 and b) get to move on to round three.  Keep in mind you only get one shot each time.
Round Three: Make a half court shot.  If you make this shot you a) win $500 and b) have the chance to win the grand prize of an autographed Mo Williams jersey.  (For those of you who don't habla basketball...Mo Williams plays for the Jazz)

The hubs and his dad shoot their free-throws and make both. Names in the drawing and moving on. Hubs shoots his three-point shot and makes it. Father in law doesn't. Tough luck. $35.00 in my pocket. Score. Moving on. Half court shot... S.W.I.S.H. The hubs won $500.00. I'm standing there taking pictures like the good little wife that I am, and as the ball falls in the net, I run to half court all but tackling hubs in my excitement. Hubs has his arms in the air, eyeballs almost popping out of his sockets, and stomping his feet around like a psycho as I leech myself to his middle. We looked like fools. Who cares. We walked away with $535.00, the Mo Williams Jersey, and father in law won the drawing for the ball. Hodges clean house. Thanks Energy Solutions and GWCU. See you next time.

Monday, June 18, 2012

happy 3 years babe. let's celebrate with an E.R. trip.

This weekend the hubs and I celebrated our 3rd weddng anniversary.  Three years of pure... bliss.  Right?  Because our actual anniversary was on Sunday (aka Father's Day... super fun for Dewy, not so much for me but whatev.) we went to SLC on Friday night to celebrate.  The evening started with dinner at our favorite place.  PF Changs.  Yum.  Then we checked in to our room at Little America and we watched Friends all night.  Love that show.  That night, Dewy was having some annoying back pain, but nothing too crazy.  In the morning we hit up the Gateway so that the hubs could purchase my anniversary gift--RUNNING GEAR.  I was giddy.  I got some shweet neon turquoise shoes with neon orange stripes and laces, a running skirt, and two shirts.  Loving these.  After leaving Dick's Sporting Goods, we hit up Old Navy where I pretty much raped the store.  Good night.  I had a coupon for 30% off my whole purchase, the entire men's clothing selection was already 50% off for Father's Day, and I walked away with $175.00 worth of crap I didn't need and only spent $80.00. BOOM!  Watch out ya'll.  After I dragged Dewy around the mall to my heart's content we left and went golfing.  This was my way of showing my love.  Golfing + Amber + Dewy trying to coach Amber = a possible ended marriage.   I hate when he is better than me at things.  Even worse is when he tries to demonstrate his superiority by teaching me.  Gag.  I'd rather just sit in the cart.  This time, however, I ROCKED IT.  Move over PGA.  I was legit, and I looked good.  After golfing we picked up the little rascal from my mom's house (thanks mom!) and went home. 

That all sounds nice and boring right? Well of course MY anniversary celebration wouldn't end there.  Get real. 

Sunday morning at about 3am, Dewy was moaning like he was on the brink of death.  I finally give in (sympathy isn't my strong point.  Ask him.) and turn over asking what the problem is.  The back pain mentioned previously, had intensified and spread to his chest.  Weird.  Ok so now what? At 4am, I called my parents.  "Hey dad! Just wanted to be the first to wish you happy Father's Day! Yay!" kidding... I said I need someone to come sit with Rhett while I took Dewy to the hospital and they were there before I could put my shoes on.  Confession time: When I'm hungry AND tired, I'm worse than a bear.  It isn't pretty.  That is about where I was at on our drive to McKay Dee.  Luckily the place was empty, and we got right in and they started checking up on Dewy who was continuousy doubled over in pain.  They handed him a percasett (spelling??? Someone please help me...) and he asked what he was taking.  They told him and asked if he had ever had it before to which he replied in the negative.  Cue sarcastic comment from me: "That is what they gave me when I had Rhett.  You know... I birth a human being, your back hurts... I guess that makes sense." The nurses all think Dewy lives with a hag.  Oh well.  Long story short, Dewy is fine.  Just some side effects from the Kyphosis he was born with.  Super fun!!

Here's to another fun year babe! Buckle up!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

fireplace make over. could someone please put me on studio 5 already?

Ok so I love my new home, however I needed to personalize a few things.  First on the list was the brick fireplace in the living room.  The brick is floor to ceiling, and while it wasn't ugly, it was just a little bit dated.  The brick was plain brown, and I wanted to modernize it.  It completely transformed the room. 



So Dewy didn't know what was happening when I told him I wanted to whitewash the brick.  He about had a heart attack.  I text him when I was starting it and said that I was doing it and he requested that when he got home from work I show him what it was I wanted to do, so, when he walked in the door I pointed to the finished product and said "Here is what I want to do!"  No use arguing it now eh?  The problem once I finished, was that the wall color looked weird (see above picture) so immediately I started taping, and 48 hours after deciding to start the living room project, everything was done! I love it, but I will never repaint that living room.  Talk about a pain in the rear.  Next up: Book cases for either side of the fireplace!

Well, first week of summer is over... now what projects can I do??

Friday, June 1, 2012

7th grade idiot.

Last day of school some random 7th grader (I teach 8th and 9th grades) fell asleep under the table at the back of my room.  When it was time to go home, I went over and tried to wake him up.  When talking to him didnt' wake him, I nudged him with my foot.  Immediately his hand grabbed my ankle super hard and he started yelling about how every time he just wants to take a "frickin' nap" I "ruin it by nagging" him.  Obviously he was still asleep.  Cue my 9th grade pals who pounced on him for grabbing me and before I knew it, he was up and out the door. 

Thanks Kade, Brennen, Corbin, and Jake.  Next time let's let him walk out himself yeah?? Perfect.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Kaylee is officially finished with high school.  Way to go Koo.  You are going to love college.  Go Wildcats!

Monday, April 16, 2012

rhett's birthday #1.

Rhett turned one this year! How I wish pregnancy went that fast.  People keep asking me if I miss the time when he was newborn, but if we are being honest, I like this stage WAY better.  That kid is a ham.  I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree eh? Dewy is totally out of control. 

The party was so fun.  Rather then do an actual theme, I just did colors.  He was so funny.  He loved the presents, especially the bundle of 100 plastic balls (special thanks for those) and he loved when everyone sang to him.  The part I was looking forward to most--the smash cake--is the part he epically failed on.  The kid has never been dainty for one second in his life and all of a sudden he was trying to eat his cake with his pointer finger and his thumb.  So boring.  Way to go Rhett.  The day was so fun, and we loved having everyone come over!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

south carolina. i'd live there.

My little brother Nick returned from his mission in December, and shortly after my mom and dad revealed that for a family Christmas present, we would all be taking a trip back to South Carolina where Nick would be able to show us around.  Since that moment, I never stopped counting the days.  As the time got closer, I dreaded the five hour flght with a one year old, but what are you gonna do? The flight wasn't TOO bad, and of course he waited to fall asleep until we landed.  Thanks for that. 

The place was super humid, but so much fun.  We spent a few days in Columbia, then spent a few days Charleston.  I. LOVE.  CHARLESTON.  I would move there without blinking.  While in Charleston, we took a carriage ride around the city as a tour, then we shopped our tails off, hit up the beach, and ate ate ate.  I was going to break this trip down by day, but I'm too lazy, and you are too eager.  Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I may have been beaten... I only say MAY because the game isn't over yet. Trust not over. You need background knowledge first. Rewind please...

A few months ago, I formulated a plan to remove the desk from the teacher's room across the hall as a prank. It was legit, and took him about three weeks to find the original desk that was hidden in a private location that I simply cannot disclose to you at this time--I may need that location again here soon... you understand. Anyway. He then tried to steal my podium from my room, and failed epically as I found it within two minutes. Loser. Since that point no other pranks have been had between us, though I may or may not have pranked a few others between then and now. That, however, is beside the point. Ok back to present.

This morning I was invited to partake of the wonderful donuts in the library that were left over from a meeting. I was also told to take one of said donuts down to the teacher across the hall from me. Lets call him Weasel. I did so, and then returned to my room to begin teaching. About five minutes later, Weasel came to my room and asked me to come listen to a voicemail he got on his phone by accident that he thinks was intended for me. I went over and listened to the voicemail intended for me of a frantic girl telling me to call her back immediately because it was an emergency. We listened to it a few times trying to figure out who it was, when one of my students poked her head in to his classroom. Annoyed that she was off task, I followed her back to my room.

I walked in to behold a full grown llama standing at my desk and EATING MY DONUT. Yep. You read that correct. A full grown llama. Eating my donut. Rude. He was huge and hairy and drooly (is that even a word?) and I may or may not have screamed like a crazy person and ran. I think I'm supposed to worry about my student's well being at that point, but I was more concerned about the fact that there was a freaking llama in my room. And he was eating my donut. Weasel proceeded to come into my room laughing hysterically.

My students were laughing and taking video and pictures of me freaking out, and I am now officially on 6 facebook pages and at least once on you tube. Awesome.

I cannot be beaten people... I need ideas. What do you have for me?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

complexes and carseats.

Dewy can finally let go of his complex.

We have a crawler folks. A real life, hands and knees crawler in our house. It seriously happened over night. He went to bed with no desire to move his oversized self anywhere, and when he woke up all he wanted to do was crawl. And crawl he does. Dewy was stressed to the max about him not crawling. "He isn't going to be able to have coordination if he doesn't crawl!" I heard that about every other day among other such phrases about his intelligence level if he didn't crawl. Dewy's cousin CJ fed off Dewy's complex. Everytime we saw him, CJ reminded Dewy that Rhett wasn't crawling only so he could watch Dewy go into a frenzy. Thanks CJ. 'Preciate it.

We are trying to teach him that we don't touch things just because its down low and accessible. You know those kids who go to other people's homes and grab everything/move everything/break everything? Speaking of complexes...I have a one about having one of those kids. Any tips to make sure he isn't one of those?

Ok mothers, grandmothers, and mothers-to-be. This is epic. The other day I was talking to a friend about how it was time to upgrade Rhett's car seat from the infant style to the convertible carseat. She mentioned to me that the Weber Morgan Health dept hosts a car seat safety class, and if you go you get a brand new car seat for cheap. I have looked into the info and am attending the class tonight. Here is the scoop: they put on the class once a month in Ogden and it lasts for 2 hours. When it is over they bring out the brand new Evenflo carseats (they have all the different stages of car seats so you can go no matter what age you need the carseat for) and they show you how to install them in your car. Then you drive away. The class is free to register for, and then you pay anywhere from $30-$50 depending on your income for the car seat. The car seat I am getting tonight would cost me over $150.00 to just go purchase on my own and I have to pay $40. Hello? No brainer. I have the contact info to register for the class because you have to register before you go. If you are interested, shoot me an email.

Thats all for now. Everyone pray that I don't murder my 7th period students. Seriously. Pray.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


When I was called to be the primary chorister I was super nervous. I have worked with the teens my whole life. Never worked with short people--ever. Hence the nerves. I didn't realize exactly how nervous I was until I got up the lead that first day. I was so scared I sang off key (which may not be entirely abnormal for me) and I couldn't remember the song. I cried and cried after primary ended. It went like that for about two months.

That was back in November.

Since the beginning of the year we have been learning songs for the program in the fall. One of the songs is "Choose the Right" from the Hymn Book. Have you ever tried to teach a three year old a song they don't know when they can't read the words and it has words like "digression" in it? We had been working on the song for a few weeks, and I was feeling like they weren't getting it. It was practically a Sister Hodges solo every time we ran through the song and I had tried EVERYTHING to get them to get it. Here is what happened:

I pulled out a cartoon picture of a lion that I had colored and laminated that had the word "STRONG" underneath of it. I asked what the picture was. They said a hippo. Kidding. They said lion of course. I asked if a lion was loud or quiet, and they said that lions roar really loud. I then told them that if they see my lion, they have to sing STRONG like a lion--that doesn't mean we roar or shout, but that we use our strong voices to sing. Then I crossed my fingers and cued the pianist.

The kids sang every word to choose the right. They sang with gusto and enthusiasm as they held their choose the right shields in the air (I gave each of them one to hold up every time we said 'choose the right') and I started to cry. I never expected to be overcome with the spirit in primary. That happens when you have in depth lessons in gospel doctrine class doesn't it? Not when you are singing songs about smiles and having very basic instructions for kids. I couldn't have been more wrong. Shouldn't primary be the place where you feel the spirit most? When we become meek and humble like a little child, we are more susceptible to the Spirit. At least that is what Christ taught in the scriptures.

I am loving my calling. I never thought I would. There is no growth in your comfort zone, and no comfort in your growth zone.

I love primay.

epic weekend.

Our weekend started off at the Jazz game against the Heat. We were on the 14th row. Talk about legit. If only so I could stare at Dwayne Wade. We had a Heat fan sitting in front of us with a nice big poster that said "Heat Beats the Jazz!" That he liked to hold up in front of our line of vision whenever King James did something freakish. We had a good time hustling each other, and I may or may not have stolen/hidden his sign when he got up at half time. It was so great patting him on the back and telling him thanks for letting us win won. His team will win the championship, so it was nice of them to let us win. Kidding... the Jazz played awesome.

Saturday I ran all over the place. We started off the morning at a baptism in our ward. Dewy is the ward mission leader, and as such is in charge of helping organize the 8 year old baptisms. He informed me I was to be the chorister. After the baptism, I helped a girl in our stake who is trying out for cheer at her junior high, and after that I went to my aunt's house to help do my cousin's hair for prom. She looked smokin' hot. It was a tiring day.

I ended the weekend getting a nasty flu that I will spare you the details of. Talk about gross. I disgusted myself for goodness sake. Great news though, I am back in business and my students were good for their sub yesterday. Always a good day when that happens.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Rhett is a beaver.

The other day, Dewy called me frantic. "Rhett ate his crib!! HE ATE IT!" At this point I'm thinking there are little teeth indentations on the slats which isn't entirely abnormal right? I down play it.

"Ok. I'll look at it when I get home."

Dewy wasn't kidding. He ate it. There are chunks gone from his crib. Chunks. The worst part? He did it in the five minutes after I left for work and Dewy was in the shower, to when he got out of the shower. If he had been in there for twenty minutes there would have been nothing left but the matress. Awesome.

Who eats wood?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

rhett chronicles.

My kid is hilarous. Is anyone surprised? Also, is anyone surprised that I'm making yet another post about him? Ok then.

Rhett loves the tub. With all his heart and soul. He has discovered how to splash. Not entriely pleasant, but whatever. The other night I tried to grab his arms so he couldn't splash anymore and as I held his wrists he wiggled his fingers in the water and continued to try to splash with those instead of his whole body. Little weasel.

Rhett has mastered the art of sitting in a grocery cart while I shop. Sometimes he tries to "put off the vibe." I love how his foot is kicked up and he is giving some stranger the stare down with his sultry eyes. He was super tired. Can you tell?

Best Rhett moment of my life. The other day I was feeding him dinner. He happened to glance down at his belly. Oops. He looked back up and me like "Mom. How long has that thing been there? And why haven't you told me about it before?" He then proceeded to squish his fat with his hands. We all have those "I just realized how fat I really am" days don't we? Oh you don't? It's just me then huh... charming.


Now if we could just get him to crawl... he is 10 months old for goodness sake.

parents of the year.

Don't panic. We were driving home from my mom's who lives about six houses away. And we were only going about 8 miles per hour. How cute is he? Trying to see over the steering wheel...little cutie. No way could he have gotten a ticket. Why isn't it as cute when I can't see over the steering wheel?


I'm vain and told Dewy if he was going to send me flowers I would like them to come to me at work. That way my male students would get a little side lesson of how to treat a lady. He is so obedient.

There they are! A dozen long stemmed roses just for me! It did backfire however when some of my male students came in and saw them and made comments like "Oh Mrs. Hodges! I'm glad you got my gift!" Don't worry. Some of the foulest beasts on the planet walk the halls of the junior high. I wasn't in the least bit flattered.