Wednesday, April 11, 2012

south carolina. i'd live there.

My little brother Nick returned from his mission in December, and shortly after my mom and dad revealed that for a family Christmas present, we would all be taking a trip back to South Carolina where Nick would be able to show us around.  Since that moment, I never stopped counting the days.  As the time got closer, I dreaded the five hour flght with a one year old, but what are you gonna do? The flight wasn't TOO bad, and of course he waited to fall asleep until we landed.  Thanks for that. 

The place was super humid, but so much fun.  We spent a few days in Columbia, then spent a few days Charleston.  I. LOVE.  CHARLESTON.  I would move there without blinking.  While in Charleston, we took a carriage ride around the city as a tour, then we shopped our tails off, hit up the beach, and ate ate ate.  I was going to break this trip down by day, but I'm too lazy, and you are too eager.  Enjoy the pictures!

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