Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I may have been beaten... I only say MAY because the game isn't over yet. Trust not over. You need background knowledge first. Rewind please...

A few months ago, I formulated a plan to remove the desk from the teacher's room across the hall as a prank. It was legit, and took him about three weeks to find the original desk that was hidden in a private location that I simply cannot disclose to you at this time--I may need that location again here soon... you understand. Anyway. He then tried to steal my podium from my room, and failed epically as I found it within two minutes. Loser. Since that point no other pranks have been had between us, though I may or may not have pranked a few others between then and now. That, however, is beside the point. Ok back to present.

This morning I was invited to partake of the wonderful donuts in the library that were left over from a meeting. I was also told to take one of said donuts down to the teacher across the hall from me. Lets call him Weasel. I did so, and then returned to my room to begin teaching. About five minutes later, Weasel came to my room and asked me to come listen to a voicemail he got on his phone by accident that he thinks was intended for me. I went over and listened to the voicemail intended for me of a frantic girl telling me to call her back immediately because it was an emergency. We listened to it a few times trying to figure out who it was, when one of my students poked her head in to his classroom. Annoyed that she was off task, I followed her back to my room.

I walked in to behold a full grown llama standing at my desk and EATING MY DONUT. Yep. You read that correct. A full grown llama. Eating my donut. Rude. He was huge and hairy and drooly (is that even a word?) and I may or may not have screamed like a crazy person and ran. I think I'm supposed to worry about my student's well being at that point, but I was more concerned about the fact that there was a freaking llama in my room. And he was eating my donut. Weasel proceeded to come into my room laughing hysterically.

My students were laughing and taking video and pictures of me freaking out, and I am now officially on 6 facebook pages and at least once on you tube. Awesome.

I cannot be beaten people... I need ideas. What do you have for me?

4 thoughts:

Jamie said...

Ha Ha Ha I'm not going to lie... I did see a picture of you holding a llama leash on instagram this afternoon. I was praying there would be details about this on your blog :)

Good luck trying to come up with your next prank...

Dave & Shauna said...

Love that! Hilarious. I will try to think of ideas, but a llama is pretty hard to trump!

Tyson and Emily said...

Haha totally heard about this from my sister!! :) turns out she helped the teachers! I give you permission to torment her.

Good luck with revenge

Clint and Sheri said...

haha love it!