Tuesday, March 13, 2012

complexes and carseats.

Dewy can finally let go of his complex.

We have a crawler folks. A real life, hands and knees crawler in our house. It seriously happened over night. He went to bed with no desire to move his oversized self anywhere, and when he woke up all he wanted to do was crawl. And crawl he does. Dewy was stressed to the max about him not crawling. "He isn't going to be able to have coordination if he doesn't crawl!" I heard that about every other day among other such phrases about his intelligence level if he didn't crawl. Dewy's cousin CJ fed off Dewy's complex. Everytime we saw him, CJ reminded Dewy that Rhett wasn't crawling only so he could watch Dewy go into a frenzy. Thanks CJ. 'Preciate it.

We are trying to teach him that we don't touch things just because its down low and accessible. You know those kids who go to other people's homes and grab everything/move everything/break everything? Speaking of complexes...I have a one about having one of those kids. Any tips to make sure he isn't one of those?

Ok mothers, grandmothers, and mothers-to-be. This is epic. The other day I was talking to a friend about how it was time to upgrade Rhett's car seat from the infant style to the convertible carseat. She mentioned to me that the Weber Morgan Health dept hosts a car seat safety class, and if you go you get a brand new car seat for cheap. I have looked into the info and am attending the class tonight. Here is the scoop: they put on the class once a month in Ogden and it lasts for 2 hours. When it is over they bring out the brand new Evenflo carseats (they have all the different stages of car seats so you can go no matter what age you need the carseat for) and they show you how to install them in your car. Then you drive away. The class is free to register for, and then you pay anywhere from $30-$50 depending on your income for the car seat. The car seat I am getting tonight would cost me over $150.00 to just go purchase on my own and I have to pay $40. Hello? No brainer. I have the contact info to register for the class because you have to register before you go. If you are interested, shoot me an email.

Thats all for now. Everyone pray that I don't murder my 7th period students. Seriously. Pray.

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That is a SPECTACULAR deal! I'll have to remember that for when I need a car seat!! PS Your baby is so Handsome! I love reading your blog how darling!