Thursday, June 14, 2012

fireplace make over. could someone please put me on studio 5 already?

Ok so I love my new home, however I needed to personalize a few things.  First on the list was the brick fireplace in the living room.  The brick is floor to ceiling, and while it wasn't ugly, it was just a little bit dated.  The brick was plain brown, and I wanted to modernize it.  It completely transformed the room. 



So Dewy didn't know what was happening when I told him I wanted to whitewash the brick.  He about had a heart attack.  I text him when I was starting it and said that I was doing it and he requested that when he got home from work I show him what it was I wanted to do, so, when he walked in the door I pointed to the finished product and said "Here is what I want to do!"  No use arguing it now eh?  The problem once I finished, was that the wall color looked weird (see above picture) so immediately I started taping, and 48 hours after deciding to start the living room project, everything was done! I love it, but I will never repaint that living room.  Talk about a pain in the rear.  Next up: Book cases for either side of the fireplace!

Well, first week of summer is over... now what projects can I do??

2 thoughts:

Brooke said...

LOVE!!! looks so cute.

Emily said...

I LOVE this, it looks sooo good! Painting living rooms is definitely a pain. How did you do that to your fireplace?! I want to do that to mine..